10 Reasons to Participate in United Pork Americas

10 Reasons to Participate in United Pork Americas

Be updated on national and international market trends!

United Pork Americas is a unique event that will feature discussion and reflection on the global transformations that are impacting the way we produce our protein. A meeting of global proportions, United Pork Americas will include more than 50 internationally renowned speakers, professionals from 40 countries representing 150 companies, and an estimated total audience of 1,500 participants.

Keep your company in the spotlight!

United Pork Americas is a new event based in the U.S., a powerhouse in international swine production. With 28,000 square feet of exclusive swine exhibition space, it will be an excellent opportunity for emerging companies, large corporations and professionals working in the segment. This unique event will give your business exposure to the national and international markets and present the innovations of your work. It will allow you to reinforce your expertise, establish your image in a strategic area, and open up new opportunities. United Pork Americas provides a unique and important opportunity to actively engage in the industry, interact with exhibitors, and take advantage of the countless forms of marketing and partnerships provided through this experience. Show what you have to offer the market at United Pork Americas.


The central idea of ​​United Pork Americas is to promote the exchange of knowledge and technologies between all swine industry stakeholders in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It will bring the global industry together for educational sessions, discussions, technical meetings, the International Pork Festival, product launches and networking. A great celebration of the world’s swine industry, United Pork Americas will provide a fun, professional and relaxing atmosphere. The highly qualified audience will mean networking with contacts that will benefit you and your business for many years to come. 

Know your competition!

Understanding your product performance and the ideal positioning compared to the competition are necessary challenges, essential for those who want to stand out in the animal protein industry.

China is the largest producer and consumer of pork on the planet and has already started to recover after three years of losses from the African Swine Fever (ASF). It should return to the previous level of producing and importing more than 50 million tons, which will make a difference in the market. The European Union produces more than 23 million tons of pork each year, which puts it at the second largest market. The U.S. is another protein powerhouse with nearly 20 million tons produced every year, foreign sales of more than 5 million tons and a market that reaches 500 million consumers. Investments in food safety, meat quality, sustainability and natural disease control continue to rise. Does your business already master the tools necessary to compete for the food preference of the future? Industry leaders will be at United Pork Americas. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build new partnerships and gain insights to stay on top of your competitors.

Strengthen your brand!

The new world that will emerge in 2022 will be demanding. Consumers want to know everything about processes, health and animal well-being from the brands they will choose. Strengthen your image and messaging at United Pork Americas. Be active and respected. The best organizations are keen to participate in events such as United Pork Americas, as they know that it is a movement that improves their positioning with the target audience and investors.

New business!

Every 24 hours, the world population grows by 150,000 people. In Asian and African countries, the speed is even greater. It’s expected the planet will reach 10 billion people ahead of forecasts by experts. In fact, that number could still be reached by 2040, and those people will need food, housing, health care, transportation, leisure activities and entertainment. That growth will bring an explosion of products and services that are born from investments, new businesses, technology, digitalization and partnerships. The explosion will come as a result of events and meetings like United Pork Americas that provide a fertile ground for conversation and innovation. Come to Florida in April 2022 and participate in the new wave of building technologies to improve the pork production chain.

Get feedback on new products or services!

With thousands of customers, suppliers, thinkers and investors discussing the direction of the segment where your company operates, United Pork Americas is the best ‘laboratory’ for testing new products, concepts and prototypes of innovative technological solutions.

Get insights from people from dozens of countries gathered in one place for three days at this segmented, directed event that’s focused on contemporary challenges. 

Extra knowledge!

The world that reappears after a historical moment always carries an endless thirst for new horizons, revolutionary approaches and renewed creativity. United Pork Americas will be a large business event with 28,000 square feet of swine exclusive exhibition space, hours of workshops and educational sessions, spark discussions and provide important moments for acquiring new knowledge. The opportunities are infinite.

Climate change, big data, logistics, food safety, health crises, consumer requirements, sustainability, alternative and artificial proteins, commodity, animal welfare, quality, origin, preventive health and more will all be educational topics. Participate in events like this because they will bring solutions forward that will be required by the post COVID-19 society.

Evaluate your business!

Companies are no longer the same. Management 5.0 proposes to delegate, encourage participation, exchange ideas, and maintain collaborative, assertive and motivated teams that are hungry for knowledge and interaction with others. An external, in-person event with your team will be rich in opportunities to evaluate personal and collective performance, identify areas for improvements, and recognize competencies. United Pork Americas will provide time to evaluate employee alignment with your company’s mission, goals, values and purpose.

Approach your business with a new perspective!

United Pork Americas will provide opportunities to see your business from a new perspective. You’ll emerge with a renewed mind for new discoveries. You’ll gain three days of immersion in the challenges of the future alongside renowned experts from around the world and professionals from five continents. Two simultaneous auditoriums will feature content translated into Portuguese, English and Spanish. Hours of networking and social activities will renew your enthusiasm. Leverage rich time to reflect the current market, see opportunities, trim edges and visualize improvements.

United Pork Americas | Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa | Orlando – Florida (USA) | April 19 – 21, 2022

“Think about the pork industry of the future, a unique opportunity to glimpse the changes ahead for the global swine industry!”

Don’t miss it!

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