America: The major global supplier of sustainable and prime quality pork.

Thiking about swine industry 2020 – 2100

Mega trends that have an impact on the way we produce food. A unique opportunity to foresee the swine industry of the future.


Connecting North American, Central American and South American Countries for the Future of Swine Production.

Trensds, Foods, Speed, Changes, The transformation in underway.

And Orlando will of the large pork producing countries of America.

Unparalleled meeting of cooperatives, agro-industries, swine producers, class associations, technicians, consultants, specialized media and the mainstream media, influencers, decision makers, teachers, students and people linked to the production of pork on the Globe.

thousand tons produced in the America's
thousand tons of pork exported
pork meat exporting

Thinking about pork of the future!

The scenario of pork production, marketing and consumption on the planet has changed radically in the last three years, since the first cases of African Swine Fever (PSA) and now with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Consumers, Clients and Citizens urgentily ask for Origin, Quality, Health, Respect for Farm Animals, Environment care, suppot to farm workers, farms and industries, besides attention to small communities that live around productive centers.


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