Maurício Cabral Dutra

Maurício Cabral Dutra

JAPFA Comfeed Vietnam

Global picture on swine health & biosecurity.

With eighteen years of in-field experience, as well constant update through post-graduate studies and participation in different congress and seminars, I believe I have condition to manage and offer technical advice in all areas of swine industry, but mainly swine health and production. My line of work has required my services in piggeries of varying sizes and technological sophistication in Brazil, Russia, China and Vietnam. 

On my experience in Russia as Chief of Veterinary Officer at Cherkizovo Group I participated positively of growing from 50.000 to 70.000 sows. Particularly in sanitary status, we got important improvements. In general we decreased around 40,0% of mortality rate in nurseries and 10,0% in finisher sites and consequently improved other parameters as feed conversion and daily weight gain. These values were reached training personnel, implementing sanitary programs according reality of each farm, adopting strict biosecurity rules, updating managements and eradicating some diseases (PRRS in 5 farms, Aujeszky´s in another one). 

Companies that I have worked in Brazil, Trouw Nutrition and former BRNova Nutritional Systems sell premixes to produce animal feed and perform technical assistance for customers. Swine division assists approximately 200.000 sows throughout Brazil. We were responsible for sanitary status of these farms performing diagnosis through clinical evaluation, necropsies and laboratorial examination, implementing and monitoring sanitary programs, promoting rational use of medicines, topic of my PhD thesis, as well training employees in different issues. 

I had opportunity to work one-year full time in China performing technical assistance and training of personnel in swine companies mainly CP Group (80.000 sows) and New Hope Liuhe (40.000 sows). I have returned to work at Trouw Nutrition/BRNova in Brazil, but I’m still involved with veterinary assistance and training of Vet Team in Chinese companies as DBN (120.000 sows), Huanshan (40.000 sows), as well Vietnamese company as JAPFA Group every 3-4 months. 

This opportunity has been of great benefit in my professional career since there have been numerous opportunities to understand better and improve my capacity as veterinarian, technical assistant and specialist in swine health and production.

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