Our history

Our history

A successful brand in Brazil’s Agrobusiness since 2000!

Events involving the entire pork, beef and poultry production chains have already gathered more than two hundred thousand professionals from all over the world, in fifteen historic editions for the Animal Protein

‘Editora Animal World’ and ‘Safeway Soluções em Palestras e Eventos’ are two companies that have built a success story, fully involved with Communication and Congresses in Brazil’s Agribusiness. The country is today the third world power in the sector and its growth took place step by step alongside with the events, magazines and all the products released by the two businesses during this period.

They focus their work on the production, processing, consumption, commercialization and marketing of the animal protein market; on pork, beef and chicken.

It all started with the creation of the first big website on the pork production chain, the www.porkworld.com.br, at the beginning of this century. The success was such that the initiative gave rise to Porkworld Magazine and the meeting ‘PorkExpo & International Swine Industry Congress’. The Magazine became the major publication about pig farming in Brazil and the event established itself as the most important in the American continent and as one of the top three on the planet, endorsing the country’s position as the fourth largest producer and exporter of food.

Through nine editions, PorkExpo brought together almost 150 thousand specialists, producers, executives and researchers from the largest producing countries, on the five continents, with a representation of 46 countries. At each edition, an impressive and varied menu of Technical Lectures, Business Fair, Marketing Actions, Meat Festival and musical shows.

Partnership with thousands of pig farmers and the most representative industries on the international scene, such as DSM, Marfrig Group, JBS, Minerva Foods, Frigol, Merial, Trouw Nutrition, Premix, Agroceres, Arysta, Vaccinar, Virbac, Elanco, Behringer Ingelheim, Crystal Springs, Plasson, Tonisity, Vetoquinol, Ordemilk, Yes, Fair Tek, Nooien Pig Floring, Big Dutchman, Sta, DB Swine Genetics, Basf, Bayer, among many others.

The main Brazilian and foreign entities that represent breeders, companies, research institutes, and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock also participate actively in the organization of each meeting. At all times with full support from the most important media in South America.

A success similar to that achieved by two other international events organized by the two companies during this journey.

The ‘AveExpo & International Poultry Congress’, which adopted the same model as the pig farming event, emphasizing the Science and Production of Brazilian farms, responsible for the world’s largest export of poultry, with more than four million tons shipped each year, and another nine million tons consumed domestically. There were three editions and the participation of almost fifty thousand professionals from 22 countries.

And the ‘BeefExpo & Latin American Beef Cattle Congress’, an unprecedented model of beef meeting in Brazil, with the presence of almost four hundred heads from different breeds in a totally closed and air-conditioned environment, in the biggest city of South America, São Paulo. There were three editions, more than forty thousand gifts, Brazil’s most delicious and delightful barbecues, and the modern message involving the production chain, food safety and the total sustainability of businesses, which took over the planet in 2020: “Tomorrow Meat. That’s our mission”!

All work idealized and coordinated by the Executive and Marketing Woman Flávia Roppa. In 2019, she, Safeway’s CEO, commanded a restructuration in the companies and in their business models, promoting the internationalization of the events and the organization of meetings through digital and remote channels.

2020 brought a temporary and necessary stop after all the facts that involved the Covid-19 pandemic, with the halt of the world’s economies, death and contamination of millions of people on Earth.

The world is hoping that 2021 will be marked by the mass vaccination of the population and the expected control of the disease.

For the start of Safeway’s new business structure is already scheduled: 2022!

It will be an unprecedented action, totally innovative!

To inaugurate 2022 as the new ‘America Pork Age’.

The good food demanded by the populations connecting two extremes. From Argentina to Alaska.

The new business space in the United States, to strengthen the Continent as a producer and supplier of sustainable and quality pork to the entire globe.


On April 19th to 21th, 2022, in Orlando, Florida (USA).

And PORKEXPO, the major Pig Farming event in Brazil, on October 26 and 27, 2022, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

Two moments that will make history in the world meat sector.

Designed, planned and organized by those who have already been in the market for 20 years, consolidating the image of one of the most important promoters of events and communication on Agribusiness in the Americas!