Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship Options

Other forms of Sponsorship

Material in the Participant’s bags

Insertion of a Folder (A4 format) in the participant’s folder, which will be distributed in the auditoriums.

Notepads in the Participant’s bags

Notepads will be inserted in the participant’s folders and will have the logo of the event and that of the sponsor printed on them. Notepads on client’s account.

Pens in the Participant’s bags

Pens with the logo of the event and the sponsor’s printed on them of this modality will be inserted in the participant’s folders. Pens on client’s account.

Folders or Bags (single sponsor)

The folders, made by the sponsor with its logo, will be distributed to the participants of the congresses.

Cover of auditorium chairs (single sponsor)

Covers on all chairs of the event auditoriums with the sponsor’s logo on them (exclusive for an exhibitor and on client’s account).

Personalized Badge Strings (Single Sponsor)

Impression of the sponsor’s logo on the string of badges worn by conference participants and visitors (On client’s account).

Hotel Room Key (single sponsor)

The sponsor’s logo printed on the key cards of the hosting hotel’s rooms (Room cards on client’s account and from the supplier assigned by the hosting hotel)

Company’s inflatable in the foyer to access the event

Space reserved in the external area of ​​the event to place 1 sponsor’s advertising inflatable (Made and installed on client’s account).

Pocket Guide (single sponsor)

They bring all information related to the event, such as a scientific program, map, parallel events program, etc.

This material will be distributed to the participants of the event and inserted in the participant’s folder. The sponsor will have its logo on the cover of the booklet and advertisement on the 4. cover (external).

Lectures in the technical program

Inclusion of a speaker sponsored by the investor in the event’s official program, with the costs of accommodation, food and transportation on the sponsor’s account.


Providence of internet for the event participants

Special advertisement stickers customized to the event * Price on request

Custom advertisement stickers at strategic points of the convention center (Stickers on client’s account and within the requirements set by the hotel).

Music show

During the second night of the event, a socializing happy hour will be held at the space of the trade fair stands with a music show, which can be sponsored by your company. It includes the sponsor’s logo on the stage, mention of the business’ name, the possibility to draw up to 5 products and 2 banners on the sides of the stage.

Dinner (single sponsor) * Price on request

Sponsorship of the dinner on the first day of the event at the restaurant for 1,000 guests.

The menu will be defined by the customer according to the availability of the hotel’s buffet. At the entrance can be placed totems from the sponsoring company, banners (maximum of 4 units) and gifts distributed.

(The company can as well choose to make personalized cups and napkins).

Welcome Coffee * Price on request

During the first day of the event, in front of the event secretariat we’ll serve a welcome breakfast for the participants.

The menu will consist of coffee, orange juice and snacks.

Totems of the sponsoring company, banners (maximum of 4 units) can be placed on the table. (The company can as well choose to make personalized cups and napkins).

Room for parallel events* Price on request

The other rooms at the convention center can be rented for specific activities such as lectures or product launches. These events can be restricted to guests or open to participants in general.

Times: Morning from 09:00 to 12:00 | Afternoon from 13:00 to 16:00 | Evening from 17:00 to 20:00